Mid Week!

Started workshop #3 2013 for Shakespearience! in Mill Valley yesterday.  Great group of kids, looking for more in workshop #4 in six weeks...  We ran up against Volleyball and Soccer with #3 so its a learning process and we learn as we go... 

Three more weekends at Marin Shakespeare Company in San Rafael bringing the funny with ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL.  Good group of solid performers and having a good time with this show. 

Looking forward to getting at it and MACBETH in Sacremento directed by the brilliant and dear Stephanie Gularte with Jannis Stevenson playing Lady MAC!  We begin this journey October 1st and go into Previews October 23rd!  Stay tuned! 



Good news folks!  Shakespearience just announced some great news and this academic calendar year looks to be a truly great for us! Check the website. 

Back out to MCS this weekend for three evening performances of All's Well That End's Well...Come on out and see what the talk is all about. A good old fashioned story told in earnest by a solid company of talent.   

The website coming together here.  Take a look and get back to me with comments and suggestions!

Out!  Coop.

Alls Well That Ends Well....

So we opened strong this past weekend with alls well at in San Rafael.  Proud of the work and the audiences seem to be really responding to it....hopefully the press will give us a little love...We will see...

Shakespearience getting ready to gear up and get fight worthy for our fall after school program. Getting the schedule together to take on the Shakespeare Contract at Mill Valley Middle School in the Winter/Spring.  Very Exciting!

Looking forward to getting the text for Macbeth and my next theatrical adventure in Sacramento with Capital Stage Co.

The holidays bring my One Man Christmas Carol with The Toronto Symphony Orchestra.  Check out the video promo on the site here...


Testing Testing Testing

So...getting this website off the ground here.  Some simply amazing work by Darren Bridgett and Apple Box Studio Films....Check them out!  The summer begins to round to a close as we approach the Opening of All's Well That End's Well at the Marin Shakespeare Company in San Rafael.  Join us if you can!  Jimmy, Myself, Luisa, Carla, Adam, Heather Lucas, Jack and Jess all doing some good work out there...

Shakespearience! at continues to expand as our fall after school programs are filling with eager young kings and queens, lords and clowns.  Not to mention it again but I will...  We got the contract to do the Shakespeare Program for the Mill Valley Middle School in Mill Valley, CA.!  So alls well....This is my first attempt to post this way and to introduce friends to my new website!  Its a work in progress but you can see what's there so far!   

Be very well!  COOP.