Sliding into home

About that COOP. Dad was COOP, brother is COOP, nephew is COOP. It's a grand tradition in my family. Or happy accident. Growing up in the great American desert of the southwest, I was born and raised to play baseball, a sport in which I excelled under the tutelage of COOP Sr.  My father was the Associate Head Coach at the U of A and baseball was our passion.  Having a bit of a problem with authority in my youth, one that I was forced to reflect upon during a lengthy suspension, I looked for something else to do.  A student matinee of The Glass Menagerie at the Arizona Theatre Company in Tucson spoke to me with more of a voice than any coach or game ever could.  That was the day that changed my life forever.  

Since then, I've been a founding member of two different Theatre Companies, one in Arizona and a summer stock in Vermont. As a sought after theater actor, I've worked on stages from Tucson to Orlando, Off Broadway to Little Rock, Seattle to Toronto, Los Angeles to Portland. I've got 23 of the Bard's 38 plays under my belt...Always looking for the last 16.  I'm most proud of the 22 shows I've done with and for Portland Center Stage, and the 18 with the Marin Shakespeare Company. My One Man Christmas Carol is now entering it's 8th year and will be in Toronto this holiday season.

Television, films and commercials...  I've done voice work for NPR...  I currently run a Shakespeare Program at a Private School in SF. I've been a teacher, actor, educator a director , and a fight director for the past 25 years.   And I'm a Reverend.  Continue on for more and/or to contact me.